Monica Hall is an associate partner at Raviga Capital and boardmember for Pied Piper.


Monica joined Raviga in 2010, worked her way up quickly under Peter’s tutelage, and is now the youngest Associate Partner in Raviga’s history. Previously, she had been an analyst at McKinsey and Co., and before that did opposition research for the 2008 Obama campaign. Monica focuses on software startups. She also is passionate about both the consumer and healthcare sectors and has written several scholarly articles regarding consumer and patient rights. Monica earned her Bachelor of Science in economics from Princeton University and her MBA from the Stanford School of Business.[1]

Before Peter Gregory's death, Monica was Raviga’s head of operations, handling the day-to-day duties of his tech investment business and often fielding pitches and working directly with tech folks using Peter’s money. Now she works under Laurie Bream as an associate partner. Monica took a particular interest in Pied Piper's algorithm from the beginning and has taken Peter's board seat at Richard's request.[2]

Memorable QuotesEdit

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"You don't know the half of it... and neither does Congress."
―Monica during Minimum Viable Product


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